Past Exhibition

Night Garden

Vincent Hawkins

1 May – 15 Jun 2019

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Sid Motion Gallery is delighted to exhibit new work by Vincent Hawkins. Since including Vincent in the gallery’s first ever exhibition, he has been included in numerous group exhibitions to date. The gallery is now delighted to present the artist’s first ever UK solo show.

As if squinting through the garden at night time, these new oil and acrylic paintings start to reveal figurative landscapes within their seemingly abstract surface.

Once your eyes adjust, as it were, a dense backdrop of a domestic landscape starts to appear. The black surfaces reveal depth and even multicolour; knobs, posts, trestles can be made out, but their perspective warped, allowing a sense of mystery to exist.

These paintings are skilfully coupled by the artist with large folded painted works on paper. Much like the works on canvas, the paper obscures and hides, reveals and conceals its true depth. Through the handling of these seemingly 2D works, they are thrown into a sculptural realm and we are left to consider their reverse, their underneath, what might continue, or importantly not, under a fold which isn’t fully in view.

Artist Biography

Vincent Hawkins (b. 1959) has exhibited extensively in Britain and internationally with solo shows in Chicago and Paris in recent years. Hawkins’ work has been included in group exhibitions in the USA, Italy, France and the UK. Hawkins was included in the inaugural exhibition at Sid Motion Gallery in 2016 and is now represented by the gallery.